Imam the Nataraj!

posted by Meenakshi Negi, last updated on November 29th, 2012 at 1:25 pm

Imam Siddique has surely come with one agenda - To Entertain! Hardly a day after moving to the main Bigg Boss house after leaving the padosi house, Imam Siddique has managed to become the center of attraction already! Be it his expert comments or just plain advice or even a general conversation Imam leaves an impact on the other person without doubt. In today's episode, Imam is seen portraying a Natraj dance with much sincerity and enthusiasm. Karishma, Niketan, Vishal, Rajev and Mink were sitting in the garden area watching the expressive Imam show off his dancing skills. Imam explained the meaning of every move he performed step by step. The onlookers couldn't help but to crack up at this rather lunatic performance by Imam. Vishal and the others were covering their faces and laughing. After completing the performance, Imam waves at the housemates and walks straight inside the house. The minute he enters the house, all the contestants are left in splits at his hilarious act! Well, seems like Imam can’t help but entertain the housemates with his eccentric antics!

Watch a sneak peek of Imam's performance here!

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