I want to make the character grow in my own style says Sara Khan on playing Roli #SSK

posted by Anup Kadam, last updated on December 18th, 2014 at 12:11 pm

Sudden twists, unexpected climax and thrilling suspense… these terms are now synonyms of entertainment in the Indian television industry. Coming with a brand new twist in their show, the very popular and much loved face of actor Sara Khan will be seen in the hugely popular saga ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ as she is all set to step into the character of ‘Roli’. Sara Khan was first seen on Colors in ‘Bigg Boss 4’ as a contestant and while she was in the house with some of the very popular housemates, she sure turned all the eyes on her. Sara is super-excited to be a part of the long running show ‘Sasural Simar Ka’.

Excerpts from the interview:

Stepping into a hugely popular character of ‘Roli’ do you feel the pressure?

To be very honest I am not nervous at all since the time I was narrated the character and heard the script. Whatever role I play or whatever character I do it’s just going to be in direct co-relation with the real me. I am ready to perform the role I am given and I want to make the character grow in my own style. I am somebody who would put myself in the character as myself and not as anybody else and then react to the situation as how I would react to it in real life. That makes it easy for me to play any character.

The Roli-Sid jodi has already impressed the audiences with their chemistry, will you be able to carry/continue the same with co-star Manish?

I have not really been ‘following following’ Sasural Simar Ka but yes, I have seen some episodes and I have really liked the way it is going on. The real test for me or rather any actor would be to do what is expected out of them and that is what I am going to be delivering. Of course, the responsibility does increase as it already is a popular show and a popular jodi but I always have been connected to all my characters and co-actors so strongly that even today I feel like I am on the first day of my first shoot and I hope Manish and I continue to impress our audiences with a much stronger connect.

Tell us about the grilling shoot schedule that you have been facing. How well are you managing it!

Oh! Don’t ask me about it… its madness. I am working on 2 films and as we are talking right now I am in my vanity on the sets of one of the films that I am doing. I have been shooting from day before yesterday non-stop and from the last 3 days I have started shooting for ‘Sasural Simar Ka” as well.  So yeah, it is hectic but it’s awesome, beautiful and I am loving this right now!

How do you feel being associated with Colors once again?

It’s wonderful. Luckily I have always been associated with good channels and production houses and Colors has always been special since I was also a part of Bigg Boss. It just feels amazing to shoot with a team of friends where you feel so comfortable working. It’s bliss! I am lucky!

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