I think Diandra is all big talk: Mr and Mrs. Raut

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Sonali has been the talk of Bigg Boss house ever since she returned after her first eviction. Be it Diandra, Karishma or the new entry Dimpy everyone has gossiped about her way of talking, flirting and even the way she does ‘jhaadu’! But Sonali’s parents have come out to defend their daughter in full gusto. Read on to know what Mr and Mrs. Raut had to say about Sonali.

Q. Are you happy with the way Sonali is playing the game?

Mrs. Raut: Sonali has proven to be a strong girl in the show and I’m really happy to see her become tougher in the past few weeks. Initially when she cried a first few times my heart broke. We love our daughter a lot and would support her in every way possible.

Q. She’s termed to be the laziest contestant this season, is she the same at home?

Mrs. Raut: Sonali is the youngest in the house. She has 4 elder sisters and all have been married for good 10-13 years. Ujjwala, her sister, has a 9-year old daughter. So since childhood Sonali has been pampered a lot and we never gave her a chance to work at home. She’s her Daddy’s favorite girl at home. I think in the Bigg Boss house also she’s the youngest so others should understand that and treat her with respect.

Mr Raut:  Sonali is my youngest and I’ve always treated her like a princess. And I’m happy to see her play well in the show.

Q. Diandra says, and even Sonali feels, she won’t get entry in the house once she’s out of the show. Will that really happen?

Mrs. Raut: Why wouldn’t we give entry to our own daughter? She’s my blood, my child, obviously we’ll welcome her with open arms. Whatever said and done as parents it is our duty to take care of our daughter and no one like Diandra can tell us otherwise. In fact from the time I’ve seen the physical fight between Diandra and Sonali during a task I’ve been keeping unwell. It pained me much to see Sonali in tears and the way Diandra treated her. 

Mr. Raut: I think Diandra is all big talk and nothing like such is going to happen. Eventually Sonali is the daughter of this house and we’re proud to have her.

Q. If we were to ask, whom do you like between Upen and Gautam?

Mrs. Raut: I do not like Gautam at all. He doesn’t know how to talk and he talks very rudely to Sonali. Upen, on the other hand, at least treats her with respect. In retrospect I would not choose any of the two.

Mr Raut: I think Sonali is mature enough to make her own decisions. We do not force our decisions on our children in any matter. Whoever will be her choice we will accept it open-heartedly.

Q. Since Mr. Raut is a police officer, Upen and Gautam are scared they might have to face him outside the house. Your thoughts?

Mr. Raut:  Haha, nothing of that sort will happen. I’m a Retired Asst. Commissioner of Police and unnecessarily I’m not going to talk to anyone or raise this matter in any way. But yes I will like to have a word with Ali. That is if he’s ready to talk to me.

Mrs. Raut: So many times Ali has mistreated my daughter and they have had so many altercations. I’m really not happy with everything that happened. 

Q. Who do you think is actually a true friend of Sonali in the house?

Mrs. Raut: Everyone is playing a game so you can never say who’s being true to anyone. But till now I think Praneet has supported her a lot and she too supports him in return.

Q. If given a chance, any advice you would like to give Sonali?

Mrs. Raut: I’ll like to tell her that she’s playing well and should continue to do so. Be yourself. My daughter never talks bad about others, not even behind their back. Stay strong, stay tough. And I think she has good chances of winning this game.

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