I have also fallen for one-sided love: Shakti Arora #MATSH

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Ranvir’s character has always brought with it an air of mystery, romanticism and an undying affection for his loved ones.  This quality not only make him interesting but also, as a fan, attach you to his story line and makes you pray that he gets the love he is seeking for.

And portraying this role is the very talented Shakti Arora who brings another dimension to his character of Ranvir. An actor of his caliber makes us believe that no one could have pulled off this role better than him. We got in touch with the talented actor and Shakti shared some noteworthy similarities that he shares with his on-screen character and how that makes him the perfect Ranvir!

1.Shakti has got the swag - From the time the show took a leap and Ranvir became a business tycoon named RV, Shakti easily flowed in to the role with swag to kill for! In real life too Shakti believes in keeping a cool and calm attitude and this helps him relate to the character

2.Friend wala love - Like the camaraderie he shares with Ishani on screen, in real life too Shakti and his long time girlfriend Neha Saxena share a playful relation. When asked about their relationship he said, “Neha has a great sense of humour which is a rare quality. She is the type of girl who can make you laugh! We laugh all the time and she is fun to be with.”

3.The Family Man Shakti - As much as Ranvir loves his family, Shakti feels he has a better relation with his kin. He said, “Ranvir doesn’t listen to his mother and that’s why he keeps breaking her heart. I’m a little sensible than that, if I know a girl is taking me for a ride or if she isn’t responding the way I hope she would then I don’t waste my time. Ranvir has a problem in moving on; I can still deal with it.”

4.Emotions rule! – Shakti confesses that he is as emotional as Ranvir. “I have also fallen for one-sided love so I can understand the emotions involved in Ranvir’s character. I’ve experienced everything my character goes through in my own real life. And that’s a big connection.”

Do you agree with Shakti? What according to you is the best quality of Ranvir’s character that Shakti plays with finesse?

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