I can't believe this ex-contestant is all Challengers' favorite!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 5th, 2015 at 3:52 pm

I witnessed Sana, Sambhavna and Ajaz talking about Sonali who has recently said good-bye to the Bigg Boss House,of course Sonali was very happy about it! Sambhavna mentioned how she had been following the show diligently before she entered and found Sonali to be very honest and straight forward which depicts the clean heart of the person. She said she truly liked the girl and Sana agreed to whatever she had to say. Ajaz ,who joined them in between, said he actually liked Sonali because she was always truthful and off late had become lonely in the house. In fact she was his favorite!

The trio discussed that such people may not have friends but are always the talk of the town and are praised. Ohho! This means they were indirectly pointing out that they like people who don’t try taking unnecessary panga but are happy with themselves with no back bitching nature! Well,Sonali has left the house.Will there be someone to replace her? Who will be called the next ‘Bindaas’ one in the house?


Keep guessing until I am back!



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