I am soon entering Bollywood says Shubhreet Kaur #IGT6

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Nothing is impossible! We've heard many people say that. But how far do we actually go in realizing that these aren't mere words?

Shubhreet Kaur, a finalist from last season of  India’s Got Talent, proves everyone wrong who say life has limitations. Shubhreet, who lost a leg due to an unfortunate medical condition, took the setback quite bravely. She decided to move on with a fighting spirit and went on to become one of the most popular and talented contestant of IGT. She stunned the judges by her very first dance performance in the audition round and from there on there has been no looking back for this fighter girl! Her confidence and an undefeated spirit rocked the entire nation and made us look at her with admiration and inspiration.


Today, after a year we got in touch with the young lady and she had lots to share!

Read on!


Q: How has life treated you after a successful stint in India’s Got Talent?

A: I have received a lot of recognition after the show and I'm really thankful for it. I am brimming with new life and hope. Lots of work has started flowing in and in the process I have gained a lot more respect from everyone around.


Q: Any particular memory from last season that you still cherish?

A: I still remember my first performance on the stage of IGT, when I performed on ‘Chikli Chameli’. That’s really close to my heart because my career took off from there on. My life changed forever and I can never forget that moment!


Q:  Who was your favorite Judge?

A: Though I liked everyone, Karan Johar is my favorite!


Q: Anything new happening in the life of Shubhreet?

A:Very soon you will see me in movies. I cannot talk much about the same at the moment, but I am soon going to enter the world of Bollywood!


Q: Any inspiring message you would like to share with your fans?

A: Don’t ever lose hope in life! If I did that, I would not be where I am now. Thanks for all your support and love!

Wow! Isn’t that  wonderful to know about Shubhreet? Let’s wish her great luck and fame for all her future endeavours.


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