Hurt by the entire house, Gautam confides in Upen?

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The dawn broke with Pritam and Karishma’s light hearted argument on men and women, wherein the two favored respective genders on the basis of sacrificing tendencies and tolerance etc. It was anyway a beautiful day for Pritam, who was jubiliant not only about winning 25 lacs as the prize money in the Torture Cage task but also for winning immunity for next nominations which puts him directly to the final week of the show.*Whistles!*.


On the other hand, Gautam was seen sitting gloomy and sulking. Looked like he was still hurt by last evening’s incident. Upen saw him so low and joined him to share Gauti's grief. Upen, who was monitoring the entire task knew the truth that although Ali was trying to provoke Gautam, he wasn’t even wrong in doing so as Bigg Boss had asked the opposite team to instigate the contenders and provoke them to a level wherein the person leaves. Besides, Ali was seen being extremely apologetic about the whole fiasco and kept repeating that whatever he was saying was all false and just to provoke Gautam. Upen also knew that Gautam was too sensitive over these matters and he took this talk too close to his heart and on a personal level which Ali wasn’t realizing.


Upen went on saying that he had already tolerated a lot since the beginning of the show, hence that incident he should take as pinch of salt. He said such incidents were only making him stronger. Gautam in a shattered state said that he was severely hurt of those comments and God was watching all of that and do the right justice.He said he himself was that kind of a person, who wouldn’t look anywhere if  somebody needed help in the middle of the road, but yesterday when he wanted people’s support nobody stood for him. Gautam also made a statement where he said “When I feel hurt I cannot be normal in front of cameras.” But Upen tried cutting him in between telling people always tried to extend him support but it was him who refused to take that.


I felt the one thing that had severely hurt Gautam was nobody speaking against Ali when all that happened. *Boohoohoo*


But whatever it was, nice part was to see Upen and Gautam being cordial at least. Isn’t it?


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