How true is Harman's love for Saumya? Read to know.

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Saumya is an epitome of endurance. She fought greatest of battles in her life without begrudging herself, whenever she got questioned for her identity as a ‘kinnar’, she maintained her poise and remained strong through all the storms.


However, Saumya got equally lucky to find true love and support in Harman. Harman has so far stood by her, firmly supporting his life partner whom he loves without any conditions. But this did not put an end to Saumya’s personal sufferings; she still has to listen to the harsh words of Preeto and many others who are aware of her ingenuity.






In an intriguing sequence we will get to see how Preeto leaves no stone unturned once again to let her down. She makes a remark saying ‘Harman loves her for her beauty and not her identity.’  Preeto openly challenges Saumya saying if Harman truly loves her soul, he shouldn’t hesitate to talk about her real identity in front of the society.


This puts Saumya into deep thoughts. She determines to question the same to Harman.


What will be Harman’s reaction? Will he unhesitatingly hold her hand and talk to the world about his wife being a ‘kinnar’ or he would back off doing anything as such?





To know about this very exciting and a crucial moment watch ‘Shakti.’


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