How Sonali behaves from Monday to Saturday?

posted by Admin, last updated on December 4th, 2014 at 12:59 pm

Karishma teased Upen that she had openly offered Sonali’s proposal to him but he ignored, as he heard all this he just chose to smirk at Sonali, who sat right under his nose. Sonali, known for her straight forward comments, directly questioned him about how does he find her? Upen interestingly responded saying, she is very good on Mondays by Thursday she deducts her goodness by a certain amount. And by the time it’s Saturday she gets completely off from all friendships but he said telling “Saturday ko aap bass Salman Khan ki hoti ho”. Sonali expressed an astonishment to this saying yes she is there to hear out Salman on Saturdays. Nobody else but whatever he mentioned about rest of the days during the week wasn’t true because she considers Upen to be a very dear friend and remains the same everytime.


Well,I understood why Upen made such comments, it’s because just last week there were a few instances which made Upen feel that Sonali gets mean at some crucial times which in turn hurts her dear friends and that she never accepts or realizes her mistakes.


Tonight's gonna be a good night in Bigg Boss it seems!


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