How is this Big Boss party a competitive task?

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So, there was another letter sent in from Big Boss. This spoke more precisely about how the party task would affect the luxury budget making one of the teams win. Both the teams were asked to decide on their individual theme. Theme, that would comprise properties and items to be used currently available in the house and not to be asked for. Also, since the competition is between the two teams, the house would be divided into two parts, one team using the area available inside the house whereas the other outside the house. The materials and items mandatorily required by both the teams would be provided by Big Boss, they would be asked to collect from the store room. Besides, there would be a competition of which team collects the maximum items. These factors were to determine the winning team of the task.


Karishma as captain was certainly asked to keep close watch on all the happenings in the house, but she couldn't impose her own rules. More precisely, because this happened in past by ex captains, which led to spoiling the game completely.


I am sufficiently excited to see the celebrities. Let’s see how well are they preparing.


Be back in sometime!


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