How Far Will You Go For Immunity? Synopsis, Day 88

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It’s the last leg of the week’s luxury budget task ‘Hijack’. Karishma, Gautam and Pritam, are seated on their ‘chair of immunity’. Puneet and Dimpy make efforts to support Gautam, whereas Upen tries really hard to help Karishma win the task.

Inspite of repeated warnings by Pritam, Dimpy continues to irritate him which eventually leads to a minor argument between the two of them. Upen on the other hand grasps  Ali from behind and refuses to let go off him thereby once again leading to an ugly spat between them. Dimpy tries to intervene , but ends up getting hurt herself. Ali is completely taken aback by Upen’s behavior and starts telling everyone that Upen has gone mad. Later on, Pritam  is seen telling Praneet and Sonali that Dimpy is the reason for all this chaos in the house. Dimpy who overhears this conversation, starts shouting and abusing Pritam.

During the day as Gautam and Karishma continue their struggle for immunity on the seat, Bigg boss announces the Judgment day task. Captain Dimpy is then asked to give an advantage to one housemate of her choice while punishment to another. Dimpy gives Puneet the advantage for his co-operation during her captaincy and punishes Upen for misbehaving. Upen expected it and therefore doesn’t   react and accepts the punishment. Karishma and Gautam are seen seated on the seats even by the end of the day but who will eventually get the immunity is something to wait and watch. 

To know who wins the immunity between Karishma and Gautam, and what punishment Upen has to go through, keep watching Bigg Boss Season 8, every day at 9PM, only on COLORS.

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