How did Gautam manage to annoy Ali Quli Mirza?

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It's not new for Gautam to fall a victim to his own pranks. This time around, as Dimpy and Ali tried resolving their internal issuesthrough the media interviews where the former was the reporter and latter the celebrity guest , Gautam was in a different tangent all together. He tried playing and jumping around Ali and kept moving the camera absolutely close to his face or directly focussing over his head making him feel annoyed.


Ali tried ignoring first, but then he actually got too annoyed with this repeated disturbance because it distracted him from the Mudda. Ali got up from his seat, started yelling at Gautam and said, “Aap chat show mein aisse behave karte hain celebrity se ,iss cameraman ko tameez nahi hai, tab se mujhe tang keeye jaa raha hai.” Gautam kept saying he was doing that just to have some fun but Ali lost his cool and screamed out that it wasn’t fun for him at all! Ali even used a phrase for Gautam and walked out of the sight. Ali stormed inside the bedroom and complained to Upen and Karishma about his childish behaviour. Instead of  pacifying Ali, Upen looked very happy while listening to another complain about his favorite Gulati! He told Ali “Tu jab Pritam aur Puneet sir ke saath hota hai toh bilkul sahi rehta hai, magar Gautam ke saath tu bilkul alag ho jata hai yaar!”


Oopi who are you telling this? Knowing Mr. Ali Quli, you would find him hanging out with Gautam next day. On the other hand, Gautam was seen telling Dimpy as to why people take him otherwise all the time? According to him, people in the house didn’t have the ability to understand humor.


Watch what were the Muddas re-spoken about in the house?


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