How did Ali made Dimpy feel devastated?

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This morning Big Boss added another angle to the task for winning captaincy. It was announced that apart from Upen and Puneet there should be one more housemate chosen by everyone’s agreement to stand against the two contenders. While I overheard names like Dimpy, Pritam and Karishma, as they discussed, they finally zeroed down to Karishma to be the most deserving!

Suddenly I heard someone sobbing, and it was our Bong beauty ‘Dimpy’.  Apparently, Ali whom she trusted the most in thouse betrayed her by chosing Karishma over her. She felt horribley after being cheated and said that the previous day Ali was along with her, telling her that she was the most deserving to become the captain and then his sudden flip made her feel badly cheated. I thought she would calm down in some time but she was too hurt for that. Everybody took turns in reaching out to her pacifying her. In fact Karishma even said that Dimpy was just overreacting to the whole situation and it isn’t a big deal if Ali gave her name. After gathering a lot of courage, Ali approached her telling “Karishma kaafi time se hai iss ghar mein,wo kaafi deserving hai,tera nature tujhe badalna padega ,kyunki mujhe kabhi kabhi lagta hai tere nature ki wajeh se main bhi shayad tujhse durr rahun” . Basically he tried telling her that she isn’t yet fit to become house captain and that she required a good experience like Karishma who has stayed over 8 weeks and being unbiased more deserving, and by doing this he is not betraying her. In fact he said as a friend he still carries love and respect for her like a true friend but he is just trying to be fair.


Ah! Well, what’s going inside Ali’s mind nobody can understand right now, but one thing is for sure that the two were good friends until I saw them last.Will Ali be able to justify himself? Will he able to bring her smile back?


Stay tuned tonight at 9 pm!


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