Housemates turn into Secret Santa?

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Little did the housemates know that it would be a very early Good morning for them when the dawn had yet not broken and  ‘Jingle Bell’ played inside the House. The house was decorated with beautiful and colorful lights, a huge Christmas tree with snow flakes was standing tall in the garden area. The house looked beautiful and radiant.


Once the surprise had just sank in, Bigg Boss announced that everyone in the house would get an opportunity to become secret Santa for another person. As per the rule, the person who receives the name of another housemate in the chit would gift that person something, but the gift should be a personal belonging and nothing from Bigg Boss’s property! 

Some of them acted truly mean while selecting the chits, like Upen and Sonali, who re-fiddled inside the bowl after picking up the first chit. Cheating! One more rule, nobody could tell the name they had picked.  They all were asked to wrap the gifts up and place it under the Christmas tree. As the buzzer rang, they all remained seated on the bench placed right in front of them, and came forward one by one to pick up their gifts. Puneet's eyes welled up after he received a ‘Ganesh-Laxmi’ idol that really moved him, Sonali got a beautiful leather jacket which made her extremely happy as she actually longed to have one! Upen received a neck piece with Owl locket (usually considered as good omen)It was extremely incredible to watch them warming up relations on Christmas eve…but who gifted them these?? And what did the rest housemates receive?


Celebrate Christmas with Housemates tonight!!!


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