Housemates to download the app and recharge batteries to win the Luxury Budget this week!

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App Task, was the name given for the luxury budget task this week. There was a large screen set up inside the living area and as per the task, the screen would show hundred percent battery. The batteries of the task were to be – Renee and Upen.


Every contestant was given a chance to go to the app room, wherein they got a few app options, which they could use to fulfill their long term desire they have had ever since they entered in the house. But, the catch of the task was, that downloading the apps would  in return affect battery's life. So, in order to keep recharging the batteries there were parallel tasks that required Renee and Upen to complete, in order to get recharged. Now that was quite tricky! The best part was that the task was being customized for each contestant. Aren't you curious to know who is going to ask for which app?  Did I mention at no point in time the battery could go down being zero percent? This could make the task get over at that very moment?


Oh my gosh! What’s going to happen? What not? Which housemate would be selfish? Who will get a lifetime surprise?


Watch it all in tonight’s episode!


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