Housemates talk about Spiritualism

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It was quite a nice and serene morning as the birds twittered all around. Sonali, Dimpy and Puneet were seen lazing around in the garden area while the house inside was getting all set for the week’s luxury budget task. Suddenly, they started discussing about their individual personalities and that how they gel with others, which star signs match them the most and which ones are never trustworthy. Oh I see! Dimpy, who has a slight knowledge in this field spoke about her traits, she spoke about her sign people being very giving when it comes pressing the right buttons of their nature whereas if someone presses wrong ;they have it big time.


Diandra looked interested in joining their conversation spoke about spirituality and Karmic ties with people. Even those who’ve hurt or troubled us in past. She spoke about how in such cases you still remain in the same ‘Soul pod’ with that person. How do we keep meeting people in our lives connected from distant past. Ooo Di’ I love the way you elucidate things. Diandra mentioned that she is strongly spiritual and takes time to be friends with people who are on the lesser level of the same. Referring to all this, she mentioned about her past relationship where she lost her beloved and how she realized sub consciously at the funeral, the things that she should have not done and repented. As everyone got engrossed to know her stories she told about a strange happening wherein she attended a friend’s wedding and someone predicted her meeting a special someone very soon, along with more detailing to it. Di stated it all came true during the same wedding in a very mystical manner!


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