Housemates succumb to the task one by one!

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It was getting difficult for everyone to stay in the task, and so was for Sambhavna. After standing for more than twelve hours, Sambhavna’s legs had started giving up as she fought hard to stand for long along with others. But during the wee hours, she gave up the hope after her legs started swelling  and she called it quits.


So, now it were just Dimpy, Pritam and Gautam remaining by morning. The trio looked fatigued and absolutely drained in every way. One thing that kept them going was their determination. But the others had to somehow while away their time, so in sometime Mahek and Ali brought up their favourite topic, Gautam’s working in the kitchen as per his convenience which could affect Rahul's health (He is a diabetic and needed food at the right time). Listening to all this, Gautam lost his cool and started getting irritable and agitated. Realizing this, Mahek and Ali moved away from his sight because they knew he was standing for quite long and was psychologically affected by being in the same position. 


Ali then started off with his comical act when someone complimented him about looking good. He said not to compliment him again because whenever anybody in the house compliments him, the same day he falls sick with either a weak stomach, nausea or fever. So, the compliment was actually manhuss in Ali’s style.


But on a serious note, the way the task was getting  intense, it was getting even more difficult to guess who had higher chances of winning.


I am sure this will take you back to the memories of ‘Hijack’ task


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