Housemates start getting a little warm towards Gautam!

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First day of the task turned out to be complete entertainer! I seriously cannot believe that the task, which could create another cyclone is somewhere turning out in favor of the most hated contestant. Though it was a thorough Hitlerpanti from Gautam’s end but he ensured he keept them all happy and hooked to the game. Gautam you are a real smarty!

He ordered Ali to assign five people for cleaning the garden area with his own choice. He chose Nigaar, Karishma,  Praneet, Renee and himself. The girls got really furious over this. Apparently, the three women had already been working since the morning and this was a tedious job. Karishma and Nigaar yelled at him that on humanity grounds Ali could have chosen somebody else, but Ali was adamant about these names, which irked the trio even more!


Late in the evening when Gautam sensed that the hard work was taking a toll over all of them, he thought of introducing some Razzmataaz. They danced, they sang, they rejoiced and everything nice happened that could make even the saddest person in the house giggle.


What was sweet and nice was to see each one of them getting a little inclined towards Gautam thinking “Your Majesty! You aren’t so bad” (Winks)


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