Housemates in the quest to win the Golden bag now!

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So, the task introduced during the final week in order to win the 25 lacs amount was called 'Aakhri Seedhi'. This task would certainly decide which team will take the amount away.The task comprised of two ladder structures in the garden area, red and green, wherein the two teams needed to put their steps in order to finish the structure of step ladder. Also, there was a golden bag hung in the garden area, which the winners could walk away with!


Challengers team had 5 green steps that belonged to the Champions, whereas Champions held 5 red steps of the Challengers team. Both the teams were supposed to finish building their respective ladders. How? Well, they were required to steal their steps from the opponents. The theam that made finished their structure first could take away the golden bag winning the same! So both the teams were supposed to keep the opposite team's steps safe from being stolen but had to steal theirs out. Once the step was stolen the same could be fixed up on the wooden stand only after the buzzer rang.


Now, it was essential for both the teams to win this task because they knew that this was the last and final chance. Three members in each team, fighting for one bag. Who do you think will win this one?


Watch the task launch in tonight's episode!



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