Housemates give qurbaani to elect the new captain!

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This being the captaincy task, comprised of three weighing machines in the bed room area.The weighing machines had three names Puneet,Karishma and Upen on each. The whole idea of the task was to put personal belongings on each weighing machine and whichever weighing machine measured 10 kgs at first would make that person the winner! But the catch was, the contenders couldn’t keep their personal items, rather the supporters who wanted them to win were to put their personal belongings on that particular contender’s weighing machine. Definitely to test how truly the supporters wanted them to win. But, surprisingly everyone supported their favorite contender by sacrificing their own stuff. Apparently, the items which they gave away weren't to come back again. Omg! What will happen now?


You want to now who the most dildaar friends were? Well, friends of Puneet made him win the task. Did I forget to mention that Big Boss gave the responsibility to the current captain Gautam monitoring the weights all this while for all the three weighing machines and then declaring the winner towards the end? What do you think, was Gautam fair in choosing one name? 


Catch all the action in tonight’s episode!


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