Housemates feel fortunate for not having anyone like Imam in this season!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 24th, 2014 at 1:05 pm

So, the housemates were heard discussing about some of the contestants from the previous seasons. They had a sudden realization about how lucky they are, notwithstanding the constant squabbles, for not having anyone like a few people, who were there in previous seasons, as in their horrendous and disgusting behavior that the co contestants faced during their stay in the house.


Karishma and Praneet pointed out at Imam Siddique, who was literally creepy. Praneet said it’s very difficult to stay with such contestants how much ever we like watching them as audience. To which Karishma commented that she wouldn't have survived a single day if Imam was around as she had seen Aashka Goradia and how miserable her stay with him was.

Thankfully, the current inmates do not feel anything like that and feel safe around each other. But, like it is said, each person is different and hence the way they project things are different too. Every season has had its own specialty and who would deny we didn’t have enough craziness this time! *Lol* What is important now is how they play the game.


Watch the nominations special tonight!


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