Housemates enjoy the Luxury Budget tasks like kids!

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Apparently, Dimpy and Karishma found out some lipstick mark near Upen’s ear and they both started teasing him saying that how much he loves Sonali but denies everytime! Upen just smiled in response and said that the mark wasn’t because of Sonali but someone’s makeup that he touched by mistake. By mistake? I mean really by mistake? Sonali came walking and in her typical tone said, “Haan Haan yeh kiss ka kissa toh mere se hi shuru aur mere pe hi khatam hota hai, main toh female Emraan Hashmi bann gayi hun ghar ki.” Suddenly Dimpy, Upen and Karishma got into the playful mood as they started hitting each other with cushions. 


I don’t know what happened to Sonali, perhaps she wanted to play the same game and when she found Gautam around she started fighting with him by throwing pillows at him and Gautam too reciprocated. They all looked like kindergarten kids, happy and carefree for once! 


But still Gautam and Karishma did not come together to dance. People were waiting for the predictions go wrong. So much so that they were seen surviving on milk and fruits. Upen had almost made kitchen his home and they were even planning on how will they all stay up whole night.You think they will be able to make Bigg Boss prophecies go wrong?



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