Housemates discuss about Ali's statement

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Though Ali and Dimpy’s dispute happened and quickly got resolved too, but the housemates knew how Ali ahead making nasty comments on Dimpy. Upen reached out to Ali saying he was right at his place but he should be very careful while making statements especially to any lady. Pointing out at his previous comments, Upen said that it is very important to control his temper as much as he could and shouldn’t say something which might make him repent later.I have observed other inmates making Ali realize this time and again but pays a deah ear.


In another corner of the house, Puneet and Pritam had a discussion over Ali’s behaviour amd also spoke about Dimpy being over friendly with him, questioning that if she doesn’t feel comfortable around him she should talk only that much how much is needed. They even objected the fact that she should try teasing someone to a limit if she cannot handle someone’s temperament.Well said! “Taali ek haath se nahi bajti”.


Let’s see if both of them realize their mistakes and avoid such silly disputes!


Watch the story in tonight’s episode!


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