Housemates condemn Gautam in unison!

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And once again the entire house turned against Gautam this morning. It looked like as if each thought that it had been so long and they had not spoken about Gautam. Basically, everyone was upset over him because he didn’t do his work in the kitchen when he was supposed to do and if he did, he seeked assistance by someone for even minutest of things. 

Citing an instance, the housemates went on ranting that if he was cooking vegetables he required someone to cut onions and somebody to pass on the oil. Everyone showed their annoyance over and told him that he was trying to imitate Puneet ji, who ordered that way; while he working in the kitchen asking for some help or the other. Now that was because he could cook for all the three meals and since he was eldest people heartily extended help, but Gautam asking for the same wasn’t right. They added saying that Gautam wasn’t doing that tedious a job, which he couldn’t manage alone. Also, complaining that in the morning, when everyone required the breakfast, he would go for shower or hair styling, which was wrong. 

Mahek was initially seen trying to defend Gautam but then Ali, Karishma and Rahul, along with others, overpowered the whole conversation.


Ot was later that Gautam got to know about all of this. Actually, Upen called him to explain and very calmly Gautam laid his points saying he was being misunderstood. In fact, he himself didn’t want people to starve but that very moment he genuinely needed help,  which was being exaggerated way too much. Upen keenly tried understanding his point of view too.


Let’s see if at all they like his cooking at least?



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