Hotness alert: Gautam takes up the Ghajini Avtaar!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 13th, 2015 at 12:41 pm

Gautam is one personality in the house, who is known for his unpredictable nature. Sometimes you would find him in his own shell and in the next moment he will jump around, just dance and sung songs to tease others. This morning he switched back to his favorite Ghajini mode and to get ibto the skin of the character, he went shirtless this morning. He then requested Sambhavna to give him the real get up of ‘Aamir Khan’. You won’t believe, his hot six pack abs had all the contestants names scribbled over and funnily there was a special tag for Ali as ‘Kill Ali’! 

His back had Salman Khan,Farah Khan and Bigg Boss mentioned too!

I was wondering, what that guy was upto? But very interestingly you couldn't jeep your eyes off him. At least, I couldn't! I am sure the contestants who are already evicted of the house would be even more thrilled to see that they have somewhere stayed even after leaving the house physically,i f not in his heart then at least on his 6 packs!!!Lucky guys!!!.


So, what was the whole idea behind having this look? Is Gautam trying hard to entertain his fans even more as the grand finale is nearby? Is he going to move like this the whole day? Anything the girl out there would like to tell Gautam?


Watch Ghajini,I mean Gauti with his get up tonight who will sweep you off the feet,I bet you!


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