Ho Ho! It's Judgement amidst Christmas celebrations too!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 25th, 2014 at 12:09 pm

It was a quick judgement as all gathered in the living room, as captain Sonali had to give one judgement for good and another for bad for the two special ones this week. It was turn for  Sonali to choose the name for reward; based on the best performance given by the individual during the Bhavishyavaani task. Sonali called out Dimpy the ideal one for the reward, this definitely raised eyebrows for Upen and Karishma. No doubt Upen worked hardest in the sleepless night and cooked throughout the day for everyone, but his efforts went unnoticed in Sonali’s eyes! Very bad! Though they didn’t stretch the topic further but Oopi felt bad!Psst Psst..


But for bad, Bigg Boss added a twist, Dimpy as a reward was asked to name one person whom ‘she’ thought ought to be punished. Dimpy thought for a while and named Gautam giving her own reasons. Bigg Boss added a little humor and asked Sonali and Dimpy “What does Santa claus say when he meets someone?” They both said ‘A HO-HO’, to this Bigg Boss added that even in Marathi language HO-HO meant yes-yes,vhence Gautam would have to listen to Dimpy’s orders saying HO-HO until the next instruction given! Gautam nodded saying yes and soon got into action!


Well, that’s Bigg Boss,do you have an option to say anything other than a ‘HO-HO?’




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