Hilarious: Sonali finally feels concerned about weight gain!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 23rd, 2014 at 2:20 pm

Sonali is looking too worried these days! Well, we have been noticing her weight gain for sometime now. Even during the press conference she was told by the journalists that she was the only contestant in the house who has put on weight as opposed to the rest of the housemates who have lost oodles of weight. I was around, when Sonali asked Upen, if he thought she had actually started looking fat? Upen, who was too engrossed in his cooking business said that she looked hot anyway! Sonali frowned and vowed to keep a close watch on her food intake and get back to the exercising regime.  And, just then Punzz mentioned that he had lost so much of weight that his waist size going from 42 to 34. Oh my my!


While people were discussing health and fitness, Gautam and Karishma were in a different league altogether. They were supposed to dance thrice during the day holding hands in order to make the prediction go wrong, but both stuck to their egos. One said “she should come and ask” other said “why should I go! He should come!” Ali tried to make both of them understand the task but the mutual respect (pun intended) doesn't seem to be ending by the end of this season at least!


Don’t you think it would be so amazing to watch Gautam and KT dance?But right now i want to leave you curious about whether they dance or not!  *Lol*


Don’t miss tonight’s episode at 9 pm!


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