Hey new Captain! Too much problem!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 12th, 2014 at 2:24 pm

Although all the housemates chose Dimpy to become the next captain, a little tiff raised as she lined up everyone to distribute the jobs. First of all, many of the housemates didn’t like the idea of her appointing Gautam as the vice-captain, included Karishma,Upen and Diandra. Yes, Dinadra too!  During the day  Upen wasn’t listening to Dimpy and she asked him to get up from his seat so that she could punish him but Upen argued he wouldn’t move. Not only that he had Karishma and Di supporting him too.


Because Diandra and Praneet were not keeping well, Captain Dimpy distributed three jobs each for most of the housemates, to which there was another objection raised by Karishma, whi said,“Hum Big Boss ke ghar pe kaam karne nahi aaye hain.”  When Dimpy tried to reason with her, Karishma just shrugged off. 


The two drama queens of the house created much chaos on the pretext of putting their opinion forward. I am now wondering that if they all had so much of personal problems with Dimpy, how did they choose Dimpy!


Let's see if the Dimpy and Karishma give us another round of catfight!


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