Here comes Weekend ka Vaar!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 22nd, 2014 at 5:34 pm

Woah! So here we have the dynamic Salman Khan once again on stage for weekend ka vaar. The ever appealing Salman looked very contended and happy post his little sister’s wedding, as he shared about the same to the housemates.

But moving on to the weekend ritual of reviewing the entire week, Salman questioned Ali about the ‘Chussu’ mystery. Ali got the little soft toy ‘Chussu’ and enacted his version of in Chussu style for rest of the housemates. Salman pulled Renee's leg and said she was the ‘tourist of the year’, with reference to her past show. While he smiled at Diandra and asked her “So the KAHAR is back in your life?” No prizes for guessing! *Eehehehe* Girls in the house also said, sarcastically,  that they were actually jealous and insecure of Sonali and hence wanted her evicted this weekend, I could clearly see mili bhagat of all the ladies while they said this. Sonali said she doesn’t care who thinks what about her. Further she said “I am different, I don’t involve myself into gossips hence may be I am not liked much”. Well I don’t know how much the others agreed to this Sonali! Finally aiming questions at Diandra, Salman asked him how much she rated Gauti on his captaincy, without wasting much of time she said 20/10, which made Gautam blush. But she actually meant was 9/10! Hmmm Diandra, we understand this! (Winks).You will also see a wonderful surprise in today's episode!


Coming back to nominations, Karishma, Nigaar, Sonali and Dimpy are in danger this week. Am struggling hard to figure out who will get evicted.


Come let’s ask Salman!


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