Heart - Wrenching Moments From Last Weekend

posted by Tuhin Mitra, last updated on April 6th, 2017 at 5:15 pm

Rising Star is the kind of the show that evokes all kinds of emotions but last weekend was something else. The raw emotions and feelings on display as each singer dedicated a song to their loved ones struck a genuine chord with us. The contestants, each had their own reason for dedicating a song to a specific someone and a few of them were people who are not with us anymore. These contestants sang their hearts out in hopes of sending a message that could reach the very heavens.




Ameya Date sang ‘Maa’ which he dedicated to his mother, a person who means the world to him. He bravely accepted his flaws and admitted that he is trying to be a better person as his mother watched from audience, with tears in her eyes. There’s nothing more beautiful than a mother watching her kid grow and do well in life. The experts could not contain their tears as Ameya told everyone how much his mother actually meant to him and how he will continue trying to be the son she deserves. Shankar Mahadevan went on stage and gave him a hug and made him promise not to be too hard on himself, that his mother is proud of him. It was both touching and heart-breaking.




Bannet Dosanjh sang ‘Sun Charkhe Di Kook’ with a heavy heart as he recalled moments with his close friend who passed away. He dedicated the song to his late friend and broke down after his performance. Bannet revealed that his friend believed in his talent when no one else did. That he was his pillar of support. It was a heart wrenching moment as he stood there looking up to the heavens, hoping his friend is proud of where he is today in life.




Ankita Kundu sang ‘Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai’, which she dedicated to her late uncle who also happened to be her Guru/Mentor. She gave a powerful performance as she poured out all her emotions in memory of her late uncle, one which had the experts staring in awe once again. She hoped that her uncle was listening and was proud of where she is today.




Afsana Khan has always had immense love and respect for her father who passed away. Her dad was also a singer and she admitted he meant the world to her and that there was no one that could ever replace him. She gave a powerful performance as she sang ‘Lambi Judai’. Her love for her father was evident from the emotions dripping from her voice. Monali Thakur expressed that a father plays an equally important role in everyone’s life as a mother.



It was not only the contestants as our beloved expert, Diljit Dosanjh went on stage to dedicate a song in memory of all the fallen souls during a tragic 1984 Punjab incident. He beautifully sang ‘Swaah Ban Ke’ and broke down after his performance. It was a gut-wrenching moment that showed us what it means to be human and that no matter what happens in the world, we should always stand united as one, spreading peace and love.


These moments really stood out in what was a memorable and emotional night where everyone took the opportunity to pour their hearts out and remember how important it is to appreciate the presence of people in their life who love and care for them!

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