Heart Attack! Sambhavna wants a Love angle with Gautam!

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Sambhavna is getting along quite well with Gautam. Not just because of being a  padosi, but also as a contestant. Gautam too is growing closer to his new friends Mahek, Sambhavna and Sana. But, during the day Sambhavna could only think about footage,footage and footage, what Gautam and Mahek joked about. Sambhavna,who is also nominated for the week was seen telling Gauti to start a love angle with her just in case he was having something like that in mind. Like what? Sambhavna and Gautam? Remember he calls her didi?

Well, let’s forget about that for a little while, Sambhavna was in total fun mood as she put her hand forth ans asked him“Tu bass mera haath pakad le aur yeh bohot bada promo bann jaayega!” Gautam understood her joke and 
 cleverly grinned at her. He didn’t know whether to run away or to make it look a little more dramatic. He tried shying away. Trust me looking at Sambhavna I actually felt she has that fun side too as she kept running after him.

But, as Gautam went upto Mahek, Sambhavna shouted “Agar tu mujhe chod kar usske paas gaya toh main tujhe maar daalungi” by now Gautam was laughing his guts out. He once again tried going to Sambhavna when Mahek said “Main tumhe talaak de dungi.” It was a hilarious tug of war between the trio. Sambhavna playfully said if she created a love angle somehow, she would be saved getting evicted for the week. Wow! She knows how it works!

However, I noticed Gautam actually flirting around with Mahek. Did you?

If not, then watch tonight’s episode @ 9pm.



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