Harman learns an astonishing truth about Saumya's life

posted by Seema Chugh, last updated on August 16th, 2016 at 7:00 pm

Harman has just started his newly wedded life with Saumya. He has been trying to take things ahead but all his attempts have been futile. Saumya, who wasn’t aware of her own identity as yet, was met with a severe shock when she encountered the harshest truth of her life.

She couldn’t deal with the fact that she is a Kinner, owing to which she tried to kill herself and landed up battling between life and death in the ICU. Harman assumed it was all his fault that Saumya tried to take such a step.



After knowing the truth about her own identity, Saumya decided that it won't be right on her part to to be tight lipped about this issue. She decides to confess Harman about the same.

After knowing this Earth-shattering truth, Harman begins to blame Saumya for ruining his life and storms out of the house. He is unable to deal with the reality that he has married to someone who is looked down upon in the society. All his love diminishes and extreme anger surfaces.

What will his course of action be now? Will he accept her or push her away from his life? Will this marriage move any further or end right here?

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