Halla Bol class welcomes Farah Teacher!

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‘Iss hafte ghar se bahar kaafi cheezen feke gaye, jaise munh se nikle hue shabd, chappal, ilzaam, aur toh aur ek ghar ka sadasya bhi ghar se bahar fek diya gaya’ were Farha's opening lines for her first class! She went on praising all the ladies out there, who looked pretty and decked up; asking them if they could help her with some makeup and hair doing tips. *khi khi khi* Classic Faha! She went on playing a game with Rahul, wherein she threw a volly of questions at Rahul and for every answer she expected one name each of any of the other contestants. She also promised that at the end of the game she would tell Rahul which contestant he was actually behaving like. The questions were - Aap subeh uthke kisske saath dance karna pasand karte hain?  Rahul answered ‘Karishma’. Next was, Ghar mein sabse daraawna kaun hai? and he replied saying ‘Sambhavna’! Lolz... There were several other fun questions and I was not really surprised to have his answer as ‘Karishma’ for most of them. Finally, Farah declared that based on all his answers Rahul resembled the most like ‘Sambhavna!’. Everyone was shocked Sambhavna rocked!!! *Ehehehe*


On asking Sambhavna, why was she so loud and furious the whole week? Sambhavna answered calmly saying she was one of the nominee and if it was her leaving the house today she wouldn’t mind because she was happy that she pointed out the wrong and spoke against it! For Dimpy, Farah made a funny statement saying “Meri life mein hain itne issues, ki maine kar diye khatam saare tissues!” She pointed out saying that Dimpy’s rona dhona was getting a bit too much as earlier she came across to be quite confident and independent girl, but now since the challengers were here especially Rahul, she was losing her confidence level. She also made it clear that even though Rahul was rude but in a way he was caring for her telling her not to involve herself into all the matters and she should try understanding the intent.


Farah also asked each one of them to name one contestant who got the first class (pass) in the performance during the week and another who stood fail. Mahek said Gautam passed whereas Ali failed, In Karishma's opinion  Pritam passed whereas Sambhavna failed. In fact, I heard Sambhavna to be a ‘failure’ by most of them during the week.


There was much more that happend in Farah teacher’s first class! Watch Weekend ka Halla Bol tonight @ 9pm


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