Hail Majesty: Welcome to Gautam City!

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Oh my Gawd! The news has already shook the entire Big Boss House. Doston dil thaam ke baithiye, this week’s luxury budget task is going to make Gautam the 'Dictator' of the city of our times! I am sure this must be designed to aggravate some more fire already inside the house. No one in the house can stand Gautam, even his friends at times.This announcement certainly was a mirchi moment for all. I still remember their expressions which screamed “What the hell”!


So as per the 'Gautam City' task, Gautam being the captain would rule the house like a King or a Dictator with his own special room, two personal bodyguards or attendants. When Bigg Boss asked Male or Female, he chose Dimpy and Puneet. Under his rule during the task, nobody would sit in the same room where he is present until he orders and Nobody can call him by his name but ‘Your Majesty’ or ‘Your Highness’only! Whoever wants to send a message would communicate only through  Puneet or Dimpy. And what about punishment? So, whoever has to be punished would have their hands locked with handcuffs or they could be even refrained from getting food.


The temperaments of all housemates had already started rocketing as Karishma read out the letter. There were four faces that frowned. * Rofl * But I only imagined what must be going on inside Big Boss’s mind when he thought of introducing the task? Did he have enough from the housemates begrudging Gautam all the time? Hmm Quite possible. But definitely a task which would add more and more fuel to the fire!


But the sight of garden area was incredible with Gautam's posters all around. In fact, they had installed a statue of him; that too shirtless!


A lot is going to happen today in the house. Wouldn't you like to watch yourself?


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