Guess what? Ajaz found sympathy from this contestant for his violent act!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 5th, 2015 at 6:00 pm

When everybody stood against Ajaz,who had committed a blunder by creating violence inside the house,Sambhavna was all ears to hear out both the parties.On one hand where she agreed that Ajaz was extremely wrong in his act, another moment she also felt bad for him saying he must have some reason to take such an impulsive step.She just hoped that Ajaz’s points were understood and were taken into consideration too.


Ajaz, on the other hand, was also seen going to others one by one explaining that Ali was only doing drama and he wasn’t that hurt as much as he was showing. Ajaz kept repeating that he has known Ali for last fifteen years and knows him in and out and how fake he is! In the process he also puked out a few secrets about his so-called friend.


Ajaz was seen desperately approaching everyone in order to have some support before Bigg Boss could take any drastic decision.


Will this approach help Ajaz gain some sympathy among housemates? Did Ajaz feel really guilty of his act? What plans Bigg Boss holds for Ajaz Khan?


Catch Bigg Boss’ decision in tonight’s episode!


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