Girls in the house talk about how mean Sonali is!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 22nd, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Renee was seen discussing secretly about Sonali with Karishma. She said she hasn’t yet understood how Sonali is and that she has often found Sonali borrowing things from people for her personal use and then forgets to return them. Oh is it? Renee added that whenever Sonali needs her makeup or clothes, she reaches out to her being very sweet but one day when she tried asking her for one of her outfits Sonali ignored het to an extent as if she didn’t even hear. Very bad Sonali! Renee said she doesn’t mind sharing her stuff with girls, also other girls in the house have been very kind in sharing things during crisis but Sonali is quite different and selfish. Karishma smirked on this saying, this is nothing new, all the other ladies in the house are aware of this attitude of hers, giving an example of Natasa the ex-contestant who lent an orange lipstick to Sonali, after the use Sonali didn’t even bother to return it for many days. Natasa a little surprised by this took Diandra’s help to take it back from her. If you remember, Natasa was one of the sweetest and peace loving person!


Karishma told Renee to be very careful while giving things to Sonali as she is very careless when it comes to using other’s stuffs. I could read Renee's mum face,thinking “Thank God I haven’t actually given away things to her”!! *Teeheehee*


Time to Sneak Peak what Salman says today!



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