Gauti and Punzz think Pritam was Partial!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 1st, 2014 at 4:36 pm

As the nominations got over, I heard Puneet and Gautam whispering about how they felt Pritam got partial in nominating someone this time. Pritam didn’t take Upen’s name amongst the five names that he had nominated. According to Punzz and Gauti, Upen was one of those people from the OTHER group who said “Hate the sight of P3G”. But look at him today favoring Upen!


They further discussed that just because Upen was all goody-goody to him, Pritam blindly saved him, whereas ideally there was someone else more deserving than Upen. Puneet, I guess it has not gone down too well with you? Praneet and Gautam nodded in agreement. Later, Puneet was also seen discussing in the garden with others that it’s the biggest loss of Pritam having Upen safe. 


Gautam secretly even told Puneet and Praneet that he was having a friendly conversation with Sonali and as they discussed how Upen went safe, Sonali opened her mouth telling “He was anyways going to be safe,” which alarmed Gautam and he got anxious to know why did she say that! When asked, Sonali said “Ab chhodo na yeh baat.” As Praneet and Puneet heard about this, they got convinced that these people had done some pre-planning. This saddened P2G! Completely unexpected from the Good boy of the house, Pritam!


Well, this is the other side of coin! The other side of the game! I can foresee deepest relations getting intoxicated in future, unfortunately!


Stay tuned tonight!


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