Gautam's too upset to control emotions!

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Seems like Gautam has not been able to catch hold of his emotions. Whatever happened last evening has left him scarred; for the season at least. This morning while he was working out, he noticed Ali and the entire episode replayed in his mind. Although, he didnt say much, but just showed him his fists, as one does during boxing. This gave a very negative impression on Ali and made him think if Gautam was all in for some assault if he came closer. That was it! There was another rage that came out where Pritam and Ali got involved in an arguement with Gauti.


The former two kept trying hard so that Gautam could believe that their intent wasn’t wrong on whatever happened last evening. Here,Gautam too cleared out that he did not mean any harm through his hand's gesture. In fact, during the process, Gautam even hit his fists on a glass hurting himself in anger. The whole feeling of dejection that he was carrying in his heart and he was fighting all alone in the house came out! Basically, the frustration had been penting up for long when it just burst out that very moment.


Not just that, in no time the entire house got involved into an argument, creating an unwanted hullabaloo that fuelled the blame game.This went on for quite long time. Wherein Ali, Gautam and Pritam were the ones highly affected because of their own good reasons.


What were the opinions of the trio indidividually?? Who was right who was wrong? Was there any conclusion in the end?


Watch Ali-Gautam fight continue in tonight’s episode!


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