Gautam's team suggests GK quiz as dare, Praneet looses his calm!

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So team Dimpy had been doing quite a lot since morning to score well in the task. In fact Gautam, Dimpy and Ali went ahead and accepted some of the meanest challenges like eating raw Karela ,drinking chilli sauce shakes, egg yolk and much more. Gautam had already started feeling unwell though he kept himself active during the game. The three even puked repeatedly. However, all of this didn’t affect the task.

Now was the turn of Praneet and his team to show how daring and sporting they were. Upen was the victim from the other team who had to have the horrible chilly shake. This certainly gave the idea to him and his team how difficult it must have been for the opposite team to do all that. But Gautam and others thought of making their tasks a little different.They started throwing GK questions at the other team. Wow! Salman’s session have really helped them eh?  This irked Praneet and I don’t know what was wrong with him that he kept on screaming the entire day. In fact, I thought his vocal cords would come out bursting. Basically, his point was that they were not here for some ‘Quiz contest’. Everyone was surprised to see this unacceptable side of Praneet and they all kept mum. Later, Upen and his team blamed Karishma for being partial.

A long and tiring day ended as Gautam’s team won the first level of the Luxury budget task by scoring more than the opposite team! There is a lot in store for the second day of the task.


Watch the story unfold tonight!


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