Gautam's mother on Bigg Boss as a pre-Birthday surprise for him!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 25th, 2014 at 3:17 pm

Yes! isn’t this a stupendous khabar? Actually, throughout the day, the inmates waited for their turn to download their app but after Diandra’s makeup, only eleven percent battery remained and Upen took the responsibility to recharge as Renee refused because she wasn’t being getting any benefit in anyway. How mean Renee! This happened after Bigg Boss announced the way in which the batteries would could be recharged- A cow dung slurry in a tub which required Renee and Upen to get inside  and take out maximum batteries hidden inside, where one battery meant percent. Upen managed to take out sixty one batteries out of the slurry. 


Now it was Gauti’s turn and one of the apps showed a chance to meet his mother among the many others. He chose to meet his mother that in return deducted thirty two percent of the charge from the batteries. Little did he know that just a wish would turn true! It was an extremely emotional and touching moment to see how looking at Gauti hugged his mother and cried. Looks like this app had been customized for him knowing that it’s his birthday round the corner. Big Boss knows very well how to strike a balance between giving the guidelines which ought to be followed by housemates at the same time taking care of their sentiments too!


How sweet!


You can’t afford to miss tonight’s episode!


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