Gautam's Military turned out to be fun for the Housemates!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 18th, 2014 at 1:28 pm

The task took off  and everyone who were the praja were asked to stand in straight line. Gautam ordered Ali to pakaao everyone by shouting near their ears making all sorts of noises; even screaming out! (Trust me it was truly annoying!) But Housemates took it in their stride by not reacting or paying attention to it. It was quite surprising that they have become more tolerant. A wise man once rightly said, there is definitely something good in every bad. All thanks to the quarrels and fights they have had over almost two months.


The task slowly started getting hilarious when Gautam commanded them all to sing after him. So, 'His Majesty' sang and others followed. You want to know the song? Surprisingly, it was once again “Diandra Diandra let’s go to Bandra.” Di, who is hardly interested in Gautam’s statement, tried to hide herself as she smirked hopelessly.


His Highness then started dancing once again on his favorite song “Tillori bin chattni” and asked everyone to dance along! It was such a hopelessly hillarious sight to see them dance. Especially the way Di and KT danced (they enjoyed it to the core trust meh!) You cannot afford to miss this fun tonight. 


If, hopefully this task gets over successfully, it will be the first time in season’s history!


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