Gautam's Birthday celebrated in style: Synopsis, Day 68

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After a chaotic or rather dramatic outcome of the previous day, Bigg Boss 8 housemates wake up to Day 68. A new energy is flaring around the realms of the house as it is Gautam Gulati’s 27th birthday. All the housemates who were at one point resisting Gautam’s presence are now happy for him and are looking forward for his birthday celebration.

Puneet who is the most excited of all is seen making kheer for all the housemates on the occasion. While Diandra and Gautam carry on their flirting, others gear up for their household course for the day. Ali enters in the house after a day off in a separate room and none of the housemates talk to him or show any kind of concern for his health.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss announces that breaking of rules will not be accepted in the house and hence nominate Sonali for the whole season week on week as a punishment for slapping Ali. Sonali, who is not happy with the decision, thinks it is unfair but accepts it. Ali keeps mum but looks satisfied.

In the evening, Bigg Boss launches the Captaincy task where former captains Gautam, Diandra, Upen, Ali and Puneet will select one contestant among all the other housemates to become the next captain. Dimpy, Sonali, Karishma, Praneet, Pritam and Renee are the contenders for the captaincy race. The task set up in the garden area consists of a board with the photos of all the contenders. In front of every photo is kept a bottle of colored water. As per the rule one former captain at a time will go and empty the bottle of a particular contestant whom they don't want to make the captain. On the sound of the buzzer one after the other all the former captains will come forward and do the task.

As the day comes to an end, Gautam settles down feeling a little disappointed that there is no celebration on his birthday. However, Bigg Boss surprises him by sending a cake for him. Diandra brings in the cake as all others jump up with excitement. Gautam’s happiness knows no bound as he cuts the cake while everyone sings happy birthday for him. The celebrations get even more interesting as Gautam’s signature track “Urvashi’ is played in the background. All the housemates are in a cheerful mood. On Gautam’s demand, all the girls put on their dancing shoes and show off their glamorous moves while all the boys go shirtless ending the day by celebrating the blue eyed boy’ s birthday in style.

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