Gautam-Diandra get a little comfortable than before!

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The duo looks very happy these days. Somewhere both of them missed being friends for quite a long period. Like Diandra hoped that post the ‘Gautam city’ task, things between her and Gautam  improved to a level where they talk again. As I predicted earlier, things are genuinely improving between them. Thanks to the fantastic task Bigg Boss.


When I checked on them, Diandra looked pretty in her Indian wear and Gautam admiringly complimented her for that, which made Di turn red in! *Blush Blush* Talking about her beauty secrets, Diandra said she has a clear skin unlike Karishma, who keeps getting blemishes so often. She added that she isn’t much bothered about her makeup because she can carry off herself even without wearing it. What confidence! Particularly after Salman Khan complimented her for looking beautiful even without makeup. She said she needed makeup just for some time pass. Omg! Diandra yeh kuch zyada ho gaya, don’t tell me you need your cosmetics just for that! Haven’t I seen you begrudging over not being able to do without your makeup.


Coming back to Gautam's compliment to Di, it was more interesting  to see how comfortable the two were towards each other while talking. I really hope this goes on without any fight. 


Will Di have his number on his phone after she comes out of the house? Will Gautam live by his words that he just promised a day back?


Watch the episode tonight at 9 pm!


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