Gautam wins the 'Hijack' task after 36 hours!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 19th, 2014 at 12:27 pm

So,Gautam came out as the winner of the immunity task after staying on the chair for the longest. Karishma as a challenger did stupendously well but gave up the chair after approximately 36 hours as she desperately wanted to use the rest room, she had gone weak since last evening but some how pulled through the whole night. Kudos to this girl. However, Gautam chose to endure a bit more.


Bigg Boss applauded their bravery of these two and mentioned that Karishma, even after giving up, was no less than a winner indeed. Bigg Boss announced Gautam as the first contender securing himself from nominations in the coming 15th week. Now the challenge was for the rest. But I noticed that many housemates were not happy with Gauti winning the immunity as they made faces especially Upen who had a grumpy look. Well, that’s how the Hijack task got over and I believe this was the longest Luxury budget task ever. That too, completed successfully! Gautam and Karishma were quite unwell, needless to say; needed ample of sleep and rest!

Will they get to catch on some sleep as a reward by Bigg Boss??


Watch the full episode tonight!


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