Gautam turns into Aamir Khan of Ghajni!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 26th, 2014 at 1:02 pm

Remember the last tiff in the Bigg Boss 8's family had with Gautam when he had broken and dropped the mugs in the lost and found basket, making Punzz go against him too?  Punzz had also said, “Bigg Boss ka daamad hai kya tu?” Seemingly, Gautam has taken this way too seriously! Today, while he was working in the kitchen, actually washing the utensils, he was in full fun mood and said, “Bigg Boss dekhiye aapke daamad se yeh log bartan saaf karwa rahe hain, kya main apni biwi ke maayke mein bartan saaf karunga?” He was also seen holding a big spatula in hand and enacted the climax scene of the movie ‘Ghajini’. Apparently, Gautam has gotten into a completely different mood. More precisely, trying to provoke the rest of the housemates. If you remember, the news reporting incident, where Ali got furious over him? Today with the same spatula he tried provoking Upen and Pritam! Why do you have to do that Gauti, when you know you are still mending relations inside?


Gautam, like the Bigg Boss psychologist had said, never plans things but does it. And this behavior goes against him! Like for past two days he has a narrow save from getting into serious spats with the other inmates, manier times he doesn’t even mind risking himself! Well, that’s how the lad is.  


Zarra sambhal ke Gautam! Catch Upen and Pritam's reaction to Gautam's Ghajni act tonight.


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