Gautam on target

posted by Admin, last updated on October 18th, 2014 at 7:59 pm

Although the pressure is rising in the house, people  don’t miss out on an opportunity playing pranks on each other,be it the ‘chaawal’  prank on Praneet or as per my sansani khabar Sushant,Minissha and Diandra planning a shadyantra against Hero Hiralal Gautam!

(Dhyaan se dekhiye!) Yes, you read it right! According to Mini, Gautam gets scared quite easily,so these inmates plan on how they can freak Gautam out just to have some fun in the house! Oh! That makes me think what will these 3 musketeers come up with?  And how easily they assume that it’s only them knowing about all this? ..haha!...Ms.Khabri is a devoted employee on duty 24/7, always keeps an eye. Teehee!


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