Gautam misunderstood again!

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Can’t say about anything else,but Nutella is certainly hosuemates' favorite! Last time Karishma made a few comments about the ‘two special bottles’ of the same which Gautam claimed to be the gifts he received at the shopping mall and hence didn’t share with any.But out of nowhere this morning he landed up in the bedroom as Karishma and Upen were speaking and held the Nutella bottle willingly offering this to her saying she could keep it with her and also share with others.


Karishma, a little shy, didn't accept it first but later accepted saying she had commented last time in some other context referring to the bottles.

All this while Upen kept his ears close to hear their conversation and bitched outside in front of Ali and Pritam saying how fake Gautam was with his approach.


Upen mentioned that he has earlier seen Puneet and Gautam having scoops of Nutella,wherein Gautam received ‘Guru gyaan’ that he should share it with others and that’s how he came up to Karishma!


Upen is one person who didn’t speak much initially but look at him now! Straightaway into bitching business!! Pritam ended up calling Gautam a fraud listening to all this.


I just hope that this ‘Sweet ’doesn’t become another reason for sour relations!



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