Gautam is a cleanliness freak, but he is not wrong about the captain!

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Gautam says he hates finding things untidy. I saw him being really irritated because he felt the captain of the house wasn’t taking care of the house. He was discussing this with Ali and said he only talked to Karishma until something was truly necessary. Whereas, Karishma being the captain gave orders and questioned people but when it came to her own duty as an individual and responsibility towards capataincy she wasn’t upto the mark. Pointing at the washroom area, where tissue boxes and clothes were strewn all over, he questioned what kind of captain she was who was not taking care of the cleanliness of the house and Ali agreed to Gautam. He even pointed out saying that her bed was the most untidy bed in the house ,but she knew only to make orders and not work upon herself. Why was Ali supporting Gautam so much? Is he having anything in heart against Karishma?


Sometime later, I finally saw Dimpy talking to Gautam, trying to patch things up. The two talked alone and Dimpy laid her point of views in front of him in a very subtle manner. Thankfully, unlike in the morning, Gautam too heard her out patiently telling about his positives and negatives. Dimpy said even she would take care next time before she formed a notion about him.


Later, when Rahul came, I noticed Dimpy laughingly telling him that Gautam had spent more time with her than him so ideally he was her friend first before Rahul and the trio laughed it off!


All goes well that ends well!


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