Gautam challenges Sonali for the captainship task!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 22nd, 2014 at 12:21 pm

Since Praneet made a sudden exit post eviction last week, the house was suddenly orpahned; without a captain. Now that there was no captain in the house, it meant an urgency to appoint a new one. In the morning, Big Boss asked the housemates to finalise one name who would stand against Sonali for the next captaincy challenge. Majority thought Gautam could be an ideal one who could be the nominee because of their individual reasons, but Upen and Karishma said ‘No’ staright away! Why would they anyway say a yes to Gautam? So the reason behind their 'No' was because he slept most of the time and was an expert in breaking the rules. Karishma kept stressing on the fact that if she would find Gautam after becoming a captain is not doing his duties correctly she would stop considering him as captain right away. Upen kept supporting Karishma.


Everyone in the house criticized Upen and Karishma and I also heard them saying that they both were only carrying bitterness and sourness in hearts, they could never carry compassion ever. Pritam was looking bit too annoyed with Karishma, for her shrewed behaviour. Ultimately after being convinced by most of them Karishma and Oopi agreed for Gautam’s name for captaincy nomination.


Let’s see if Sonali finally shows some action and beats Gautam in the captaincy task!


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