Gautam attends nature's call after good 19 hours!!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 18th, 2014 at 1:59 pm

There is something truly amazing about Mr.Gulati! Especially, the way he controlled himself for last 19 hours to stay on the chair and compete against his favorite ‘Karishma Tanna’ for the last lap of task that would decide the immunity for either of the one. I have a strong feeling they both can even go to an extent to P** and P** on their seats if needed in order to make sure they don’t get defeated by each other. I overheard such stories as well.  *Khi Khi Khi* So, finally Gautam called out Puneet as he whispered something into his ears. Pritam and Puneet covered him appropriately with blanket so that he could do his job peacefully in the jar! As the two even teased him to give an expression of relief on the camera and Gautam sniggered.


Gautam, who had gone quite for sometime had all of a sudden started humming songs in his typical style once again!  Same for Karishma, her friend in need ‘Upen’ helped her for the same, even carried THE bag for disposal. So, Upens tall claims for being there for KT, Which have also driven him a tad bit crazy, actually true! Who else would do that other than a friend? Almost, 24 hours on their seats,refusing to give up, who do you think will win the task?Whoever, that may be but truly commendable job by both,no doubt!


Watch them struggling to pass the test tonight @ 9 pm!


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